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  • pellet boilers & boilers for pellet |

    Pellet boilers & Boilers for pellet |

    The pellet boiler is an automated ecological solution that meets current requirements for efficient and safe heating, suitable for the modern lifestyle.

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  • pros and cons of wood pellet boilers & furnaces

    Pros and Cons of Wood Pellet Boilers & Furnaces

    Pellet boilers are suitable for people who are interested in saving money, lessening their environmental impact, and keeping their heating dollars close to home. Advantages: Wood pellet boilers can help most homeowners and businesses lower their heating costs.

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  • pellet boilers -

    Pellet Boilers -

    The pellet Boiler is a new solution in the production of hot water and Domestic How Water and it’s at least 50% more cost efficient compared to classic oil and gas boilers. The modern pellet Boiler is equiped with all the operating and safety systems in order to efficiently and efortlessly offer its services.

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  • debunking the myths about wood pellet boilers | greenmatch

    Debunking the Myths About Wood Pellet Boilers | GreenMatch

    Wood pellet boilers use a lot of space and is unreliable. It is not true! Learn here about the 9 most common myths regarding wood pellets.

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  • outdoor pellet boiler | outdoor pellet boilers ireland

    Outdoor Pellet Boiler | Outdoor Pellet Boilers Ireland

    Woodco’s E-Compact range of robust and efficient pellet boilers, available in both internal and external models. Why is E-Compact i-Gen ‘The Original and Best’ The most extensive range of External boilers on the market (SLIM and S models in choice of colours and hopper capacities)

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  • discover pellet boilers for residential and commercial

    Discover Pellet Boilers for Residential and Commercial

    About one million residences in the United States use pellet boilers, pellet stoves, and pellet fireplace inserts to heat their homes.With numbers like this, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. Heating with wood pellets, whether a pellet stove or a pellet boiler is about saving the environment and money at the same time.

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    For installation schematics and user manuals, please e-mail us.

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  • log boilers - pellets 2 heat

    Log boilers - Pellets 2 Heat

    Log boilers require more manual intervention than pellet or chip boilers and significantly more space for storing large volumes of wood fuel. There are many different types of log boilers available from the modern Strebel Turbotech pictured to a more traditional log stove which can have a back boiler attached.

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  • choosing a wood pellet boiler manufacturer - the woodpicker

    Choosing a wood pellet boiler manufacturer - The Woodpicker

    They manufacture five different wood pellet boilers amongst other wood chip and log boilers. They supply boilers ranging from 7kw, 8kw, 15kw, 20kw, 24kw, 35kw, 40kw, 100kw, 150kw. Fröling are sold in 25 different countries and conduct continuous research and development into their products.

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  • pros and cons of wood pellet boiler | greenmatch

    Pros and Cons of Wood Pellet Boiler | GreenMatch

    Wood pellet boilers require frequent maintenance. Even if the majority of the modern boilers include self-cleaning systems, the heat exchanger must often be brushed in order to have the highest working proficiency.

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